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Hornet & Hippo:
A Great Day to Find

Hornet & Hippo: A Great Day to Find is a fun nature hunt story written by child psychologist Margaret Ann Jessop and self-published in May of 2023. 

Hippo and Oxpecker are excited to go out and find mushrooms, but their friend Hornet isn't so sure. After following their curiosity, the three friends end up finding something so much bigger and better than they ever expected.

Margaret has lots of other resources for teachers, therapists, and parents.

Go check it out, and take your kiddos on a nature hunt today!

Mushroom Hunt_Pg 4 & 5 Great Day for Mushroom Hunt_Color_Jan23 - w watermark-01.jpg
Mushroom Hunt_Pg 12 & 13 Termite Hill Orange Mushroom_Color_ w watermark-01.jpg
Mushroom Hunt_Pg 20 & 21 Not Mushrooms_Color_ w watermark-01.jpg
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