Daniel and the Donkey Factor

Daniel and the Donkey Factor is a children's book written by Kevin P. Horath and published through Lucid Books, 2019. The book follows the story of Daniel the Donkey and his message that everyone has a special purpose.

This was my first book I had the opportunity to illustrate and I couldn't be more thankful! 

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Cotton Candy on the Moon

Cotton Candy on the Moon is a children's book written by Kelsey Townsend-Miller, originally published in traditional and dyslexic form by MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing/Huskies Pub in April 2020. It's a story inspired by Lilah, a little girl with a rare genetic condition called Epidermylosis Bullosa. With a dream to eat cotton candy on the moon, Lilah and her teddy travel through the stars to make the impossible come true.

Kelsey, the author, is Lilah's mother and it was wonderful to work with her to raise awareness to EB and bring this story to life.

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Knuckles, Grandma Bea

Knuckles, Grandma Bea is a children's book about love and connection as Julie and her siblings experience the loss of their beloved babysitter. Sherri Levitt Cadmus wrote this book based off of her and her daughter's own memories to share their emotional journey and hope with others.

Knuckles is a self-published story that was released in March 2021.

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